title – semester

Lecturer: Prof. Renato Renner

Tuesday, 09:50-10:35, HIL D 60.1

Thursday, 13:45-15:30, HIT K 51

Exercise Session : Lea Krämer (lkraemer@phys.ethz.ch) and Normand Beaudry (nbeaudry@phys.ethz.ch)

Thursday, 15:45-16:30, HIT K 51

Lecture Notes

Leture notes will be updated along with the course.

The first part of the skript here.

Mistakes and typos should be reported to Lea.

Course certificate (Testat)

There will be 12 exercise series, each with usually 3 exercises. Each exercise (1, 2, 3) can have several parts (a, b, c, etc.).

To receive a Testat (and do the exam), you need to reach 48 points. See how far you've got here.

Points are awarded as follows:

 - If you solve only one part of the exercise, you get 1 point.

 - If you solve the exercise reasonably well (without obviously copying from previous solutions), you get 2 points.

 - If you solve the exercise extremely well (without copying from previous solutions), you get 3 points.

You are encouraged to work in groups, but you have to hand in individual exercises.

Exercises are published online every Tuesday; printed versions handed out in the lecture or tutorial on Thursday. They should be handed in on the Thursday one week later, in the lecture.

UPDATE: All Exercises, Tips, and Solutions are posted and updated.


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