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Quantum Field Theory 1 – HS 2013

Lecturer: Prof. Adrian Signer

Monday 13:45–15:30: HPV G5
Thursday 08:45–10:30: HPV G5

Assistants: Adrian Carmona (GL), Peter Lowdon, Niccolo Moretti, Gizem Öztürk, Caterina Specchia, Carl Vollenweider

Thursday 14:45–16:30: HIT F32, HCI J 6
Friday 09:45–11:30: HIT J53, HIT F31.1
Monday 11:15–13:00: Y36-K-81 (UZH)


The goal of this course is to provide a solid introduction to the formalism, the techniques, and important physical applications of quantum field theory. Furthermore it prepares students for the advanced course in quantum field theory (Quantum Field Theory II), and for work on research projects in theoretical physics, particle physics, and condensed-matter physics.


Exercises will be distributed during the lecture every Thursday. They will be discussed during the exercise classes of Thursday, Friday and Monday.
Students who wish to hand in their solution sheets should do so during the lecture of the next Thursday. These solution sheets will be corrected. The solutions will also be discussed in the following exercise classes, before the discussion of the next exercise sheet.

Assistants & Rooms

Peter Lowdon Monday 11:15–13:00 Y36-K-81 (UZH)
Niccolo Moretti Thursday 14:45–16:30 HCI J6 (ETH)
Caterina Specchia Thursday 14:45–16:30 HIT F32 (ETH)
Gizem Öztürk Friday 09:45–11:30 HIT F31.1 (ETH)
Carl Vollenweider Friday 09:45–11:30 HIT J53 (ETH)


This course discusses the quantisation of fields in order to introduce a coherent formalism for the combination of quantum mechanics and special relativity.
Topics include:

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Exercise Sheets