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Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theories – FS 2014

Lecturer: Prof. Jan Plefka

Tuesday 9:45-11:30, HIT F 32

Assistant: Matteo Rosso

Wednesday 13:45-14:30, HIT H 51

Biweekly Schedule in February and March:

Tuesday: 18.02./04.03./18.03.: 9:45-11:30 (lecture)
Tuesday: 18.02./04.03./18.03.: 13:45-15:30 (lecture)
Wednesday: 26.02./12.03./26.03.: 12:45-14:30 (exercises)


This advanced course will introduce students into modern methods for the efficient calculation of scattering amplitudes in gauge theories. In recent years so-called on-shell methods based on generalized unitarity have been established, which have been proven to be more efficient than the traditional Feynman graph based method of calculating scattering amplitudes. The lecture will discuss tree-level and one-loop amplitudes in massless gauge theories without and with maximal supersymmetry.

Prerequistes are quantum field theory I and a basic knowledege of the standard model of particle physics, ideally also quantum field theory II which should at least be taken in parallel.



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