ITP Lecture Archive

Phenomenology of Particle Physics 2 – FS 2012

Dr. M. Dittmar
Dr. M. Grazzini

HIT K 51 , Tuesday 13:45-15:30

Download all documents (zip, 35 MB).

Teaching assistants

Julián Cancino, HIT K21.4

Lorenzo Tancredi, I36 K36

Andrey Starodumov, HPK E27

Lecture notes / Slides

Testat condition : work out 60% of the exercise sheets and solve one exercise at the blackboard.


Group 1 HIT K 51 Tuesday 15:45-16:30
Group 2 HIT J 51 Tuesday 15:45-16:30


V. Chiochia, T. Gehrmann and G. Dissertori, Phenomenology of particle physics II, spring semester 2010.

T. Gehrmann and R. Wallny, Phenomenology of particle physics I, fall semester 2011.

F. Halzen and A. D. Martin, Quarks & leptons, Wiley, 1984.