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Classical Mechanics – HS 2015


Mon 08:45-10:30 HPV G4
Thu 08:45-10:30 HPV G4

A weekly updated script of the lecture is available here.

Exercise classes coordinator

The weekly exercise should be delivered in the mailboxes of the Assistants by Monday at 12:00 the latest. The new exercise and the solution of the previous will be available on the website after 12:00 on Monday.

Assistants, Rooms and Times (languages in brackets)

Dr. Adriano Lo Presti UZH Y35-F-47 Wed 13:00-14:45 (Eng)
Deniz Gizem Öztürk UZH Y35-F-32 Wed 13:00-14:45 (Eng)
Murad Tovmasyan ETH LFW E11 Tue 8:15-10:00 (Eng)
Martin Buchacek ETH HG G26.1 Tue 8:15-10:00 (Eng)
Simone Lionetti ETH ML F40 Wed 10:15-11:55 (Eng)
Matteo Biondi ETH ML J34.1 Wed 10:15-11:55 (Eng)
Vojtech Havlicek ETH LFW C1 Wed 10:15-11:55 (Eng)
Roman Süsstrunk ETH ML J34.3 Wed 10:15-11:55 (Ger)
Paolo Molignini ETH HG E 33.1 Wed 10:15-11:55 (Ger)
Lea Krämer ETH HG E 33.3 Wed 10:15-11:55 (Ger)


No exercise class in the first week of the Semester!

The exam will take place on Monday the 8th of February, in HPH G1 (ETH Hönggerberg). It will last from 09:00 to 12:00 as indicated in MyStudies. Each student is allowed to bring an A4 sheet written on both sides as well as an english dictionary. Good luck!

Exercise Sheets & Solutions