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Proseminar on Modern Approaches to Thermodynamics – HS 2014

General Information

This proseminar is supervised by Renato Renner and covers topics related to present research questions within the area of Thermodynamics. This includes axiomatic approaches and related mathematical subjects, results from the very recently emerging theory of Quantum Thermodynamics and Black Hole Thermodynamics. Possible topics for student presentations are listed below. Each presentation is based on on or two research publications.

For general questions, please contact Volkher Scholz.


The student prepares a presentation of around, but not more than, one hour duration, on a specific topic assigned in advance. A tutor from the Institute of Theoretical Physics will provide literature and give a feedback on the student's progress. Students keep the tutor informed about their work in weekly meetings, starting (at least) 6 weeks before the date of the final presentation.

Requirements for passing the module

List of talks and dates

The Proseminar takes place on monday, starting at 10am sharp, for precise dates see the list below. Upon further notice, the room is HIT F31.2. See also the PDF file with further information on the topics and literature references.

Topic Student Tutor
Axiomatic approach to the concept of entropy A. Malär  
The principle of increasing mixing character and some of its consequences T. Engel  
Nonequilibrium Equality for Free Energy Differences B. Mühlmann  
Landauer's principle F. Landolt  
(Im-)Proving Landauer's Principle C. Glomb  
Thermodynamics of Quantum Information Systems --- Hamiltonian Description S. Mahanta  
Entanglement and the foundations of statistical mechanics M. Zhu  
Single-shot work extraction M. Strodtkötter  
Black Hole Thermodynamics M. Oreshenko  
Thermodynamics of Spacetime: The Einstein Equation of State K. Gerhard