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Physics of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking – HS 2014

Number 402-0898-00L
Semester HS 2014
Lecturers Prof. C. Anastasiou
Language English
Short description The aim is to understand the need of physics beyond the Standard Model, the basic techniques of model building in theories BSM and the elements of collider physics required to analyze their phenomenological implications. After an introduction to the SM and alternative theories of electroweak symmetry breaking, we will investigate these issues in the context of models with warped extra dimensions.
Learning target
Learning target After the course the student should have a good knowledge of some of the most relevant theories beyond the Standard Model and have the techniques to understand those theories that have not been surveyed in the course. He or she should be able to compute the constraints on any model of new physics, its successes explaining current experimental data and its main phenomenological implications at colliders.
Learning Targets The former title of this course unit was "The Physics Beyond the Standard Model". If you already got credits for "The Physics Beyond the Standard Model" (402-0898-00L), you cannot get credits for "The Physics of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking" (402-0898-00L).

Composite Higgs

S. Weinberg- The quantum theory of fields - Vol. 2 - Chapt. 19.1 to 19.7
S. Weinberg- The quantum theory of fields - Vol. 2 - Chapt. 21.1 to 21.3
Peskin & Schroeder - Quantum Field Theory - Chapt. 21.3

Estimation of oblique electro-weak corrections


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