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Introduction to String Theory – HS 2013

Lecturers: Prof. Niklas Beisert, Dr. Johannes Brödel

Monday 15:45-16:30, HIT J 51
Tuesday 8:45-10:30, HIT F 31.2

Assistant: Reimar Hecht

Monday 16:45-17:30, HIT J 51


String theory is an attempt to quantise gravity and unite it with the other fundamental forces of nature. It combines many interesting topics of (quantum) field theory in two and higher dimensions. This course gives an introduction to the basics of string theory.


  1. Introduction
  2. Relativistic Point Particle
  3. Classical Bosonic String
  4. String Quantisation
  5. Compactification and T-Duality
  6. Open Strings and D-Branes
  7. Conformal Field Theory
  8. String Scattering
  9. General Relativity Basics
  10. String Backgrounds
  11. Superstrings
  12. Effective Field Theory
  13. String Dualites
  14. String Theory and the Standard Model
  15. AdS/CFT Correspondence


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