ITP Lecture Archive

Quantum Information Theory – HS 2011

Lecture: Prof. Matthias Christandl

Thursday 13:45-15:30, HIT K 51

Exercise Session : Lídia del Rio  and Normand Beaudry

Thursday 15:45-17:00 (HIT K 51)

Download all documents (zip, 7.0 MB).

Exercise sheets, tips and solutions here. Race for the Testate here.

Lecture notes, videos and other resources here.


of the exam is the lecture, the script (Chapter 1-6), and the
exercises. For the chapter about "Resource Inequalities", the exam will
solely be based on the material covered in course (i.e., the slides). The corresponding
chapter in the lecture notes can be considered as a supplement (see
remark at the beginning of Chapter 7).

Course certificate (Testat)

There will be 11 exercise series, each with 3 exercises. Each exercise (1, 2, 3) can have several parts (a, b, c, etc.).

To receive a Testat (and do the exam), you need to reach 33 points.

Points are awarded as follows:

 - If you solve only one part of the exercise, you get 1 point.

 - If you solve the whole exercise extremely well (without obviously copying from previous solutions), you get 3 points.

 - We will interpolate cases in between (for instance, if you solve two parts reasonably, you may get 2 points). 

You are encouraged to work in groups, but you have to hand in individual exercises.

Exercises are published every Thursday (sometimes they may be online on Wednesday) and should be handed in one week later, in the lecture.