ITP Lecture Archive

Programming Techniques for Scientific Simulations 2 – HS 2011

Lecturer: Prof. M. Troyer

Assistant: Jan Gukelberger

Monday 15.45 - 18.30 HIT F 11.1

This course covers advanced general and C++ programming techniques relevant for scientific simulations. The course will cover, in particular:

Credit requirement

The class consists of lectures and exercises. You are expected to attend the classes and work on the exercises. Some exercises you can work on in class and directly show to the assistant. Others need to be done or finished as homework and sent to the assistant by e-mail.


Exercise sheets and code fragments can be obtained from the subversion repository svn+ssh:// You need an account on the D-PHYS machines and an installation of the subversion version control system on your local machine.
In case plimpy is not accessible, you can replace it with any other D-PHYS Linux host, e.g. plumpy, plompy or plempy.

Useful references for this course