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Proseminar on Topological Objects in Physics – FS 2014

General Information

This proseminar is supervised by Philippe De Forcrand, and considers
examples of topological and collective excitations, in a broad area
of classical and quantum physics. Half the topics or more should be
accessible to bachelor students.

Topic assignment

The topics covered in this proseminar will be assigned in a preceding
meeting on Monday 09.12.2013, 15:00 in HIT F12. The list of topics
is provided below.

Topological Objects in Physics - Topic List [.pdf]

The topic, date and tutor assigned to each student are listed here:

Topological Objects in Physics - Schedule [.pdf]

If you see a mistake, please contact Philippe De Forcrand without

Final reports


The student prepares a presentation of around, but not more than,
one hour duration, on a specific topic assigned in advance. A tutor
from the Institute of Theoretical Physics will provide literature and
give a feedback on the student's progress. Students keep the tutor
informed about their work in weekly meetings, starting (at least) 6
weeks before the date of the final presentation.

Requirements for passing the module