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Quantum Field Theory 2 – FS 2013

Lecturer: Prof. Niklas Beisert

Tuesday 12:45–13:30: HCI J 3
Friday 08:45–10:30: HCI J 7

Assistants: Bernhard Mistlberger, Matteo Rosso

Wednesday 14:45–16:15: HCI J 3
Wednesday 15:15–16:45: HCI J 7


The subject of the course is modern applications of quantum field theory with emphasis on the quantization of non-abelian gauge theories.


  1. Path Integral for Quantum Mechanic
  2. Path Integral for Fields
  3. Lie Algebra
  4. Yang–Mills Theory
  5. Renormalisation
  6. Quantum Symmetries
  7. Spontanous Symmetry Breaking


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