ITP Lecture Archive

Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory – FS 2013

Lecturers: Prof. Matthias Christandl, Prof. Renato Renner

Monday 13:45–15:30, HIT F 31.2

Exercise Lesson: Rotem Arnon Friedman, Michael Walter

Thursday 15:45–16:30, HIT J 51


Feb 18 Renato Renner Quantum Information Theory and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Deriving Quantum Theory from Information-Theoretic Postulates (arXiv: quant-ph/0101012, 1004.1483, 1203.4516)
Feb 25 Matthias Christandl Bell Inequalities (Lecture Notes, Tsirelson's paper)
Mar 4 & Mar 11 Rob Spekkens Hidden Variable Models and Contextuality (Lecture Notes 1, Lecture Notes 2)
Mar 18 & 25 Roger Colbeck Reality of the Wave Function & Approximating Correlations with Semidefinite Programs
Apr 8 & 22 Joseph M. Renes Complementarity in Information Processing
Apr 29 Matthias Christandl Quantum Marginal Problem (Lecture Notes, Additional Material)
May 6 Michael Walter Algebraic Geometry of the Quantum Marginal Problem (Related Lecture Notes)
May 13 Matthias Christandl Spectrum Estimation and Quantum Marginal Problem
May 27 Rotem Arnon Friedman Privacy Amplification in the Presence of Non-Signalling Adversaries (arXiv: 0911.4171)