ITP Lecture Archive

Quantum Information Theory – FS 2009

Lecture: Prof. Renato Renner

Thursday 12:45-14:30, HIT F11.1

Exercise Session : Stefan Hengl

Thursday 14:45-15:30, HIT F11.1

Download all documents (zip, 1.9 MB).

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be provided during the lecture. An updated version will be available here (download, 05/08/09).


Classical Information Theory
Quantum Information Theory

Course Certificate (Testat)

In order to receive a course certificate, students are required to hand in two thirds of the exercise sheets.


Basis of the exam is the lecture, the script (Chapter 1-6), and the exercises. For the chapter about "Resource Inequalities", the exam will solely be based on the material covered in course. The corresponding chapter in the lecture notes can be considered as a supplement (see remark at the beginning of Chapter 7).